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All about Lewd & Crude Greetings
"Some people should be heard & not seen"

Lewd & Crude Greetings is the brainchild of musician & writer, Renee Lopez.

The idea culminated in the start of 2007 after continually being frustrated, unable to find that certain kind of sarcastic sentiment, greeting cards filled with varying degrees of humor, with maybe a hint of brutal honesty. She then decided it was time to take matters into her own hands, putting her creativity to good use by making not only something entertaining that she would appreciate but also something that others would love to get their hands on as well for many a reason. After getting flooded with so many ideas and knowing that this concept was an extremely marketable and profitable venture, Lewd & Crude Greetings was then born.

It’s taken some time to start putting the building blocks together with everything necessary to build a business from a home base into a retail venture but after much hard work we are now taking strides to spread our wings fully.

On Friday May 15th, 2009 we started the preview process, sponsoring the first year of Beach Scene Rockfest at the Wavehouse in Mission Beach, CA. This event acted as a preliminary run to give everyone a sneak peek of what was to come, as well as gauging reaction which was highly receptive. From there, besides other events/launch parties taking place, a soft product launch, etc, other retail outlets were being secured all the while striving to get our ducks in a row. After securing proper preparations and after a short trial run in the Westfield Shopping Center in San Diego, CA in 2010, we were moving closer towards full launch by the end of 2012 but needed to take a brief hiatus to regroup. We commenced to bringing the venture to Denver, CO and now here in 2022 we are finally ready to expand worldwide via net and beyond.

For those unfamiliar with whom we are and what we do… We are a novelty related greeting card line focused towards mature & immature audiences alike, specializing in… Greeting Cards (Prints), E-Cards, Clothing, Stickers, Gift Tags, Accessories and much more. In time we will continue to expand on these ideas and creations.

We will also be providing sponsorship to a few select bands & musical artists, comedians, and others. Currently we have a few acts secured and are also in talks with other various entertainment acts including but not limited to: Sever Our Scars, Kicking K8, Depswa, God Forbid, Testament and more. We have plans to collaborate with them and others on a very neat idea bringing both music and the greetings together. More on this will be coming as well in the very near future.

So again, thanks to all of you for your continued support. We look forward to being able to provide a little something for everyone and don’t be fooled by others who think they are as clever, we’re the first of our kind…
Remember that in life some people should be heard and not seen so don’t forget to, Keep It Real, Keep It Lewd & Crude.

Lewd & Crude Greetings

San Diego, CA and Denver, CO

[email protected]