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This is all about YOU!
This page is dedicated to all the guys & gals out there who keep us going.
If you've purchased or received as a gift (or insult), any of our cards or merchandise and want to show off a lil, take a picture (3 images max) with your goodies and email it to us! Creativity is key so make it fun and visually stimulating, cause you just may find yourself up on our site! On that note, thanks again to each and every one of you. Your loyalty and support have not only enabled us to get where we are today, but you're also helping us to grow day by day and without your business... well... we'd be out of business lol, so thank you.

Skye Hyland reppin an awesome Lewd & Crude cap photo bo5mvCq.jpgSkye Hyland reppin some Lewd & Crude Merch photo fHn3rjt.jpgVocalist of local San Diego band, Beneath Langston reppin our black Lewd & Crude beanie photo kqdBmBT.jpg photo i6ghdJ7.jpg